Aaron Judge Found Some White Sox Fans in Contempt

Aaron Judge Found Some White Sox Fans in Contempt


Aaron Judge Found Some White Sox Fans in Contempt

New York Yankeesoutfielder and future MVP Award-winner Aaron Judge hit his 27th home run of the season last night in a victory over the White Sox in Chicago. He still leads three Triple Crown categories. The predicted regression back to the mean has yet to occur.

In short, he is very, very good.

This didn’t stop some White Sox fans from poking the bear during Wednesday night’s game by chanting his name and telling him he sucks. You know, before his 115 mph missile flew over the fence and endangered one of their fellow Chicagoans’ life and/or limb.

Judge, normally mild mannered, took a peek toward the naysayers while rounding the bases.

“I did,” Judge said after the New York Yankees‘ 12-3 win over the White Sox. “I like having some fun with the fans. They were heckling me pretty good out there. I’m not going to say anything to them. I just gave them a little peek as I rounded the bases. I was just having some fun with them. They were kind of razzing me when I got back out there.”

It was a small thing in a late-June regular season game. But I believe it’s fairly instructive for how the rest of this season — and the seasons to come — are going to go. There will be doubts as the cynics wait for the other shoe to drop. There’s a very real chance people will forget what they’re waiting for after getting distracted by bomb after bomb.

Not feeling too nervous about my bold prediction.

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