Roundup: Trump and Putin Meet; Beastie Boys + Sesame Street; NBA Jam Ruled

Roundup: Trump and Putin Meet; Beastie Boys + Sesame Street; NBA Jam Ruled


Roundup: Trump and Putin Meet; Beastie Boys + Sesame Street; NBA Jam Ruled

It’s time for the big Trump-Putin meeting … “Meth” and “buttocks” in a headline go together like peanut butter and jelly .. Police clash with protesters at G20 … The loonie is really hot right nowQVC and Home Shopping Network merging … North Korean threat requires action … Are election do-overs a thing … Female athletes and concussions … Amazon getting into the wine business … Building a better sex robotNo city should ever host the Olympics … Not buying this new Amelia Earhart twist … Also not buying this Tom Brady book … Hobby Lobby certainly making some interesting choices of late … G.O.A.T. lede … Don’t make YouTube videos inside a gas chamber … An update on the editing protocol at the New York Times … When you’re trying to frame the left but don’t know what to write … Oral history of NBA Jam … Someone stole an idling convertible at Newark Airport and there was a dog inside … Memphis Grizzlies rightly retiring Zach Randolph’s number … Minor leaguer who is blind in one eye defying the odds … Three-time Super Bowl champion gets prison for drug conspiracy… Takes a special type to scam a cancer charityHawaii Five-O salary negotiations tense … Kelly Slater has a nice little pad … Male baboons are quite problematic … CNN reporter’s parents receive scores of threatening messages a day … Infant hospitalized after being struck with a foul ball … Anti-Defamation League not fond of Jay-Z’s lyrics … And last but not least, Kate Beckinsale.

Maine’s governor purposely misleads the media so he can decry “fake news.” [Associated Press]

Sandals at the office: okay thing to do or crime punishable by termination? [Bloomberg]

Shaquille O’Neal and the generation of kids named Shaquille he inspired. [SI]

Very sad news as the writer of my favorite sports blog ever has been fired. [Awful Announcing]

Illinois’ wait for a budget prolonged a bit after a woman throws white powder around statehouse. [Reuters]

Michael Flynn had immediate regrets after “lock her up” speech. [Vice]

Welcome to Sabotage Street.

Murray State dorm explodes, no injuries.

What, exactly, is happening to Kristaps Porzingis in this commercial?

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