Guess It's Okay to Post Dallas Mavericks Bloopers Now

Guess It's Okay to Post Dallas Mavericks Bloopers Now


Guess It's Okay to Post Dallas Mavericks Bloopers Now

Dennis Smith Jr. attempted to throw down an emphatic dunk in the final minutes of Thursday night’s NBA Summer League game between the Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings. He did not succeed but it looked cool and showcased his athleticism.

The team tweeted out video of the missed field goal attempt, trumpeting the wide array of angles. Two points aren’t earned in any of them.

Perhaps the fact that an NBA team is celebrating a missed dunk strikes me as more bizarre than it strikes you. But there’s another layer here.

In February, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban publically shared emails he sent to Turner President David Levy after Bleacher Report posted this video with the caption “Dirk Forever.”

Cuban was very upset, as evidenced by the “Are You F–king Kidding Me” subject line.

Turner quickly deleted the tweet. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Cuban explained it was the caption, not the video, that made the post so offensive in his eyes.

“I (couldn’t) care less about the video,” Cuban said. “It was the caption that made it disrespectful. When it was up, there wasn’t a single reply saying it was funny. Just the opposite. Aren’t blooper reels supposed to be funny?”


The Mavericks caption for Smith’s bricked dunk, again, is “Miss an angle. Here’s all of them [open-mouth emoji].”

MISS an angle. You know, like a missed dunk. Is this just a coincidence or a very subtle — and disrespectful — burn?

Makes you think.

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