Army Veteran Told To Take Down American Flag at Braves Tailgate

Army Veteran Told To Take Down American Flag at Braves Tailgate


Army Veteran Told To Take Down American Flag at Braves Tailgate

A veteran wants an explanation as to why he was told he couldn’t fly an American flag during a tailgate before an Atlanta Braves game Monday night.

Adam Mourdock was told by a parking attendant that flying an American flag was against team policy. When he asked to see a supervisor, she told him she was the supervisor.

Mourdock told CBS 46 the following about the incident:

“My whole life, it’s been our country, our family and the Braves. I fly a flag, an American flag directly above an Atlanta Braves flag at all home games.

“She said you need to take it down. It’s against the policy. There was no explanation, there was no policy in writing other than today that flag needs to come down.”

Mourdock, an Army veteran met his wife more than eight years ago, they’ve been married for six years, have two kids and are season ticket holders. They were tailgating in Braves Lot 29 North at SunTrust Park before Monday’s game when the incident occurred.

A friend took Mourdock’s side on social media:

The Braves apparently don’t have a policy that says fans can’t fly flags, which makes you wonder what this parking attendant was thinking.

Mourdock continued:

“I’m an Army veteran, I fought for the right for Americans to fly their flags, and for someone to tell you you can’t fly it at a baseball game, that’s not the right place”

While the incident was clearly jarring for Mourdock, he added that he thought the Braves organization as a whole had been great to veterans:

“They treat vets with the (utmost) respect. The way they treat people who have served our country is top notch. To be treated that way by one of their employees is not only offsetting, but it was disappointing.”

The Braves have apologized for the incident and told Mourdock he should have been allowed to fly his American flag. He plans on doing it at the next home game.

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