5 Potential Trade Destinations For Kyrie Irving

5 Potential Trade Destinations For Kyrie Irving


5 Potential Trade Destinations For Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving shocked the basketball world on Friday when it leaked out that he has asked the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade him. With that crazy news in mind, we’re going to take a look at a few possible trade destinations for Irving.

First, we should explore what a team would be getting in the 25-year-old point guard. Irving is coming off his best season as a professional, one in which he averaged a career-high 25.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 5.8 assists in 35.1 minutes per game. His PER of 23.09 was a career-high, and his true shooting percentage of 58.0 almost eclipsed his best mark of 58.3.

A four-time All-Star, Irving ranked 17th in the NBA in offensive win shares (7.4), 23rd in total win shares (8.9), 44th in win shares per 48 (.170) and 30th in value over replacement player (2.9). Irving also has a wealth of playoff experience, is one of the game’s best finishers around the rim and has helped lead the Cavs to a title. He’s clearly one of the league’s best players.

Irving currently has three years and $60.3 million left on his contract. So he’s a superstar-level player at the most important position in basketball. He’s on a relatively cheap contract and is entering his prime. The cost to land him will be enormous.

The potential trade partners for the Cavs as far as we see them are on the following pages.

*Just a note, in some of these proposed deals salary ballast would obviously need to be added. We’re just focusing on the key players that would exchange spots, not the additional guys who could be waived once a trade is consummated.

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