Ranking the Mikes of ESPN By Power, Influence, and Las Vegas Bowl Victories

Ranking the Mikes of ESPN By Power, Influence, and Las Vegas Bowl Victories


Ranking the Mikes of ESPN By Power, Influence, and Las Vegas Bowl Victories

For years, Mike & Mike were the ESPN powercouple. Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic were a morning fixture for 17 years before they finally broke up under the weight of their own incredible Mike-ness. Now Greenberg is getting a show with an unnamed co-host and Golic is keeping the radio show in some format with a non-Mike. Which Mike show will you watch?

In a poll, 69% of you said they would follow Golic, but which Mike holds the real power at ESPN? Here are all of the ESPN Mike’s ranked by power and overall Mike-itude.

10. Mike Massaro; ESPN
Massaro covers NASCAR.

9. Mike Bellotti; ESPN
I know what you’re thinking – Mike Bellotti surely has the most Las Vegas Bowl wins of any ESPN Mike. You would be correct, but unfortunately, he also has more Las Vegas Bowl loses than any other ESPN Mike. This puts him at the bottom of the ESPN Mike rankings. Or as close as you can get to the bottom depending on the number of NASCAR Mikes.

8. Mike Patrick; ESPN
Rumor has it that Patrick has never set foot on the Bristol campus and never will until any of the other ESPN Mikes can beat him in a 100-meter dash. Many ESPN Mikes have tried. All have failed. Still, he’s never been involved in any Katie Nolan rumors so he’s pretty low.

7. Mike Ditka; ESPN
Ditka is the ESPN Mike most famous for a Saturday Night Live sketch. He doesn’t resonate with the coveted 18-35 audience like he used to, but he does lead all ESPN Mikes in being called “coach” by colleagues despite the fact that he hasn’t been one in nearly two decades. Also, Super. Bowl. Champion.

6. Michael Smith; ESPN
Host of SportsCenter 6, a.k.a, SC6, a.k.a., The Six. It’s like SportsCenter, but with embarrassing celebrity cameos. Has he no shame? Does this ESPN Mike care not for the sanctity of a show once hosted by Craig Kilborn?

Pictured: Three ESPN Mics, one ESPN Mike, two other people.

5. Mike Breen; ESPN

4. Mike Golic; ESPN
One half of the most powerful Mike duo for more than a decade, now he’s branching out into his own personal ESPN Mike-hood. An ESPN Mike divided from another cannot stand, but he can pivot to video.

3. Mike Wilbon; ESPN
He’s one of the elder ESPN Mikesmans, but he is considered an ESPN Mike pioneer and that still counts for something in this Mike’s book.

2. Mike Greenberg; ESPN
Strong enough to break away from his larger than life fellow ESPN Mike and finally be the face of a sports show on ESPN. Greenberg will anchor ESPN’s morning programming for the foreseeable future. From this yet-to-be-focus-grouped seat of power Mike Greenberg will mold a whole new generation of ESPN Mike’s.

1. Trey Wingo; ESPN
Who else could be the most powerful Mike? Only he who can break up a pair of ESPN Mikes and replace an ESPN Mike on a show called Mike & Mike can be the real ultimate ESPN MIke. It makes perfect sense that the most powerful Mike isn’t a Mike at all. He is the ESPN Mike all ESPN Mikes strive to be.

/drops Mic

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