VIDEO: Aaron Judge Breaks Tooth, Proves He's Mortal

VIDEO: Aaron Judge Breaks Tooth, Proves He's Mortal


VIDEO: Aaron Judge Breaks Tooth, Proves He's Mortal

The New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 6-5 on an 11th-inning walk-off hit by Brett Gardner. It was a huge victory against a team similarly competing for a playoff spot. But it came at great cost.

During the celebratory postgame mosh pit, one of Aaron Judge’s beautiful teeth was chipped.

This would be a bad thing to befall a normal person. When you’re the smiling, charismatic young superstar of the most visible franchise in sports, it’s potentially devastating to your Q score and marketability. conducted and investigation of the incident and concluded there was no foul play.

  • Gardner’s helmet rocked Judge in the face.
  • The helmet appeared to carom off the back of backup catcher Austin Romine, who was bent over in the middle of the raucous home plate scrum.
  • Romine is now Gotham’s biggest villain since The Joker.

After the dental disaster became public knowledge, sportswriters in the press box were treated to a very sad scene as a lonely security detail unsuccessful searched for the broken Chicklet.

One can only imagine Mad World was playing as the fruitless endeavor took place.

Could we be looking at a Samson-like situation wherein Judge loses all his power after losing a tooth? Considering the fact that he’s a slugger of biblical proportions … it’s still unlikely.

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