Javy Baez Could Not Be More Exciting

Javy Baez Could Not Be More Exciting


Javy Baez Could Not Be More Exciting

Javy Baez did it again. He sought out the most exciting play on the diamond and performed it with ease and swagger. This is becoming a very welcome trend for both Cubs fans and those who appreciate beautifully played baseball.

The defensive wizard — and increasingly dangerous offensive weapon — took an electric route around the bases during last night’s victory. He reached on an error, stole second, and went to third on a throwing error before easily swiping home plate.

He did this all after debuting an eccentric new hairstyle sure to be the model for cheap wigs sold around Wrigley Field in the months to come.

Baez is the walking rebuttal to those who say baseball doesn’t have young, exciting, and marketable players. He is substance and style, seemingly going out of his way to inject extra flair into his game without hurting the bottom line. He may not be the biggest star on the national stage quite yet, but if he continues to hit for power, he’ll get there.

In short, Baez is what you’d get if a scientist was sent into the lab to create a Face of Baseball for the youngsters. It’s awesome to watch him wreak havoc on the field and have so much fun while doing it.

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