Only LaVar Ball Would Take a Shot at 2-time NBA MVP Steve Nash

Only LaVar Ball Would Take a Shot at 2-time NBA MVP Steve Nash


Only LaVar Ball Would Take a Shot at 2-time NBA MVP Steve Nash

Steve Nash accomplished so much in his NBA career, all the Ball brothers combined would be so lucky as to have his career: 3x 1st-team All NBA; 2x NBA MVP; led the NBA in assists five times.

Still, mouthy LaVar Ball – who had slowly been winning people over in recent weeks – felt like taking a shot at Nash.

There’s one rumor I saw this week that I didn’t believe. Is Steve Nash working with Lonzo in any way?

LB: “I’d say no. The reason I say no because if he was, my son would’ve said, ‘You know what I’m working out with Steve Nash.’

“What Steve Nash going to teach my boy? He’s short and slow, man. Come on.”

If you’re keeping score at home, this is the 2nd time Ball has referred to white players as slow.

What LaVar Ball doesn’t get is that he’s raised the expectations so high for his sons, it’ll be impossible for them to live up to expectations. Sports Illustrated put LeBron James on the cover of SI in high school; he’s got three rings and been to the Finals seven straight years (a modern record), but many still want to deny him being mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan. For many, nothing LeBron does will make him the GOAT.

Lonzo Ball is very talented, but expectations are outsized. LaMelo Ball is 16, is the first high school basketball player to ever have their own sneaker, and already drives a Lamborghini. Really?

Nash was basically one of the NBA’s greatest all-time success stories until Stephen Curry came along: One scholarship offer out of high school. Guides little Santa Clara to three NCAA Tournament trips in four years, including two big upsets. Becomes a first round pick, and then has a sterling career, and he’ll soon be in the Hall of Fame.

And you’re going to take a shot at that guy?

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