Seven Reasons the New England Patriots Dynasty Ends This Season

Seven Reasons the New England Patriots Dynasty Ends This Season


Seven Reasons the New England Patriots Dynasty Ends This Season

The New England Patriots have been on top of the NFL for an annoyingly long time. Luckily, all good things come to an end. Even for Patriots fans. After nearly two decades of success, it’s time for the Patriots to sink back to the middle of the NFL. Here’s why this is the season that finally happens.

The Dynasty Should Have Ended Last Season
Make no mistake, the Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl in February – the Falcons lost it. There are no memes celebrating a 3-28 comeback. Only a historic collapse that required incredible incompetence and luck.

Tom Brady is 40.
Tom Brady is old. Too old to play football. Health concerns are real. His wife admitted that he suffered a concussion last season (which he never denied) and he’s apparently still coming back from a devastating knee injury.

How many quarterbacks are successful at Brady’s age? Not many. Superstars and superheros like Warren Moon, Vinny Testeverde, Wade Wilson and Johnny Unitas all had losing records in their forties. The only guy to have a great season at 40 is Brett Favre and we all know Tom Brady isn’t as good as Brett Favre.

Quarterback Depth
Last season the Patriots were lucky enough to have three system quarterbacks for when one or two of them were hurt or suspended for cheating. This year they only have two and one of them is leaving next year.

Bill Belichick is 65.
Belichick is nearly as old as Bill Simmons’ dad. Would you want Bill Simmons’ dad coaching a football team? I didn’t think so. Not many NFL coaches are active in their 60’s. Most recently, Joe Gibbs was coaching at Belichick’s age. He went 30-34 in his sixties with zero division titles.

Julian Edelman is hurt
The Patriots lost their best / best-looking player with a pointless preseason injury. The Patriots are left with Chris Hogan, who played lacrosse in college, and Phillip Dorsett who was the 5th option on a non-playoff team last season.

The Patriots have won the AFC East nine straight consecutive seasons and in 15 of the last 17 years. The law of averages says that this is the year for Jay Cutler and the Dolphins or the Bills or Jets who are currently acting like they are tanking. Or at least that’s what they want New England to think.

Spurs Corollary
What American sports franchise are the Patriots most often compared to? The San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs haven’t won a title since 2014. Their franchise player, Tim Duncan, finally retired last year. The comparisons between the two teams will only get stronger after this season.

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