Texas A&M Fans Angry Kevin Sumlin's Wife Went Public With Racist Letter

Texas A&M Fans Angry Kevin Sumlin's Wife Went Public With Racist Letter


Texas A&M Fans Angry Kevin Sumlin's Wife Went Public With Racist Letter

As we discussed Thursday night, Kevin Sumlin’s wife Charlene took to Twitter and posted a extremely racist, threatening letter addressed to her husband. The Texas A&M coach has been under fire since his team lost to UCLA to open the season. Now several Aggies fans are angry, not at the letter Sumlin’s family received, but at his wife for making it public.

Yeah, you read that right.

On the GigEm 247 message board, a member with the handle
“ThePlaymaker” posted the following:

Here’s the text of the post:

She released that knowing it reflects poorly on A&m. How does it help your husband or the team?

Thats a low blow. Lets ignore for a moment where or whom created the letter. She knows how it would look.

So please explain to me why were accepting of that going out to the world ? Thats unacceptable. So what a regent criticized your husband. Ok. So you are still being paid by the school. Its bigger than your ego. You dont throw your school under the bus like that.

A lot of people have given a lot to your hisband’s program to have success. Oh. And made you rich along the way.

And furthermore why would you give a voice to ignorance by broadcasting it? And in the process possibly hurting the reputation of the folks who have supported your husband. At least that of course would be the knee jeek reaction.

So i have a lot of questions for charlene. It seemed very accusatory, didn’t it?

Spelling and grammar errors aside, that post is infuriating. So you’re mad a coach’s wife posted a racist letter she got because it would reflect poorly on A&M fans? Think maybe she posted it because it scared the crap out of her family and she was trying to show the masses, “Hey, maybe you guys could calm down? This is just football not life and death.”

Any response to that letter by a fan other than: “That’s horrible, no one should have to deal with that and anyone who sends a letter or even thinks that should be removed from our fanbase” is automatically wrong.

But, OK, it’s just one post on a random message board. In that grand scheme of things, that’s harmless, right? Unfortunately the responses to the post made it even worse. It seemed like everyone who responded agreed with the sentiment that she only did it to make Texas A&M fans look bad. A sampling:

Some of the responses have been lifted and posted below if you can’t read the screenshots:

-It did, indeed.

-She did it to shift the attention away from her husband who was being roasted all offseason and all week for being a shitty coach.

-No matter what else happens, no matter all his abundance of failures, A&M will be the racist school that fired their “@#&$*# head coach.”

That is the card they’ll play.

-Kevin gave her the green light to tweet it out. He’s not dumb unless it pertains to coaching.

-She’s carrying Summy’s water for certain. She’s a wall fly. Didn’t even know she had an active twitter? She’s silent.

I’m all about conspiracy theories rn. There’s gotta be some chess play going on rn about the contract and the Summy skeletons.

The title of the thread is “What did we do to you, charlene?” Uh, well, one of you sent a racist threatening letter to her family. Other than that, I’m sure everything is just rosy.

Seriously Aggies fans, get a hold of yourselves. Stop making yourselves the victims here and instead forcefully condemn anyone who would send a letter like that or even think those thoughts.

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