Army Has as Many Wins as Completed Passes This Year

Army Has as Many Wins as Completed Passes This Year


Army Has as Many Wins as Completed Passes This Year

The Army Black Knights have created something beautiful through two games of this young season. A stat so ridiculous it had to be fact-checked multiple times.

It’s strange but true.

Army has as many victories this year as completed passes. Two.

Ahmad Bradshaw, the senior quarterback who helped West Point finally knock off Navy last year, has only attempted 10 throws. Both completions came in eight tries during Saturday’s 21-17 squeaker over Buffalo. Bradshaw was 0-for-2 against Fordham in the season opener, which Army won 64-6.

The triple-option offense, of course, is largely responsible for this freak occurrence. The Black Knights haven’t needed to utilized the newfangled forward pass to rack up yardage.

Against Fordham, Bradshaw was one of 15 ball-carries to split 47 carries. The total damage? Five-hundred thirteen yards and eight touchdowns. They followed that up with 330 yards on 66 carries against Buffalo.

It should be mentioned that Jeff Monken allowed a fake punt late in the fourth down to ice the win.

Army’s magical and weird ride is likely to hit major turbulence this weekend with a trip to Columbus. Ohio State is reeling from a debacle against Oklahoma and looking to beat up on a lesser opponent. Any bizarre stats coming from this game figure to be from the Buckeyes’ side.

But, hey, before that happens, take a moment to appreciate the oddity that is 2017 Army. Bradshaw will eventually outpace the win total with completions. For now, though, it’s a wonderfully weird little coincidence.



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