The Top 25 NFL Moments Twitter Wasn't Around For

The Top 25 NFL Moments Twitter Wasn't Around For


The Top 25 NFL Moments Twitter Wasn't Around For

5. The Jets Win Super Bowl III (1969)

You have to imagine back to what this was like. AFL vs. NFL. Fans of the NFL snubbed their noses at AFL. The leagues did not like each other. AFL was thought of as the Mickey Mouse league. Namath’s guarantee came as the Colts were a huge favorite and the NFL Champ had won in dominating fashion the previous two years. This would have been a four hour stretch of ironic RTs and freezing cold takes as the game unfolded.

4. Ray Lewis and the News of the Murders in Atlanta (2000)

People still hate Ray Lewis because of this case. That it happened at the Super Bowl, the night before the game, would have intensified it.

3. The Wardrobe Malfunction (2004)

Janet Jackson. Justin Timberlake. A boob. Morality and Salaciousness. On the biggest stage for a television audience.

2. The O.J. Simpson Verdict (1995)

The entire trial would have been fodder for months. And the verdict? With all the racial overtones, that would have been a train wreck day on social media.

1. O.J. Simpson’s White Bronco Chase (1994)

The White Bronco was an insane event, where if you were around then, you know where you were. It would have been magnified on social media. O.J. Simpson would have already been much-discussed as a result of the murder being reported, and news that he was charged with murder. The chase happened during a NBA Final game and so a sports audience would have been already tuned in. The vibrations from the news would have been huge, and Simpson being televised on a split screen with the NBA Finals would have dominated the cycle like no other story.


Other Notable Viral Moments:
Dennis Green Bears Rant (2006)
Aaron Rodgers Draft Snub (2005)
T.O. Desperate Housewives Skit (2004)
The Brett Favre Game after his dad died (2003)
The ending of the Giants-49ers playoff game (2003)
Rush Limbaugh on Donovan McNabb (2003)
Patriots beat Rams in Super Bowl (2002)
Dwayne Rudd Throws his Helmet Against Chiefs (2002)
Playoffs? (2001)
Titans come up one yard short against Rams (2000)
Jets Monday Night Miracle (2000)
Rae Carruth Murder and caught in trunk of car (1999)
Jeff Triplette hitting Orlando Brown in the eye with flag (1999)
Saints trade seven draft picks for Ricky Williams (1999)
Eugene Robinson Super Bowl arrest (1999)
John Elway helicopters, Broncos beat Packers in Super Bowl (1998)
Neil O’Donnell blowing Super Bowl XXX (1996)
Chicago Bears fan leaps out of stands to catch PAT (1995)
Napoleon McCallum destroys his knee (1994)
Buddy Ryan punches Kevin Gilbride (1994)
Leon Lett Thanksgiving Day Gaffe (1993)
Montana’s drive vs. Bengals sin SB XXIII (1989)
Earnest Byner’s fumble (1988)
Buddy Ryan running up score on Tom Landry (1987)
The Drive by Elway (1987)
Robert Irsay moves the Colts to Indianapolis (1984)
John Elway refusing to play for the Colts (1983)
Dwight Clark’s catch (1982)
Chargers-Dolphins wild OT playoff game (1982)
The Holy Roller (1978)
First Monday Night Football Game (1970)
The Heidi Game (1968)

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