SI's Lee Jenkins: Spanos Family, Chargers Couldn't Have Imagined This Level Of Anger, Ridicule

Lee Jenkins joined the Darren Smith Show on 1090 AM in San Diego on Wednesday and went off on the Los Angeles Chargers and their owner, Dean Spanos. Jenkins is Sports Illustrated’s senior NBA writer, but he’s a native of San Diego and has been a long-time critic of the Chargers. That didn’t change during this interview.

Jenkins claims the Spanos family did not expect this level of anger from San Diego fans or this level of national public humiliation from the Chargers move. He also discussed the NFL’s reaction and how he believes other owners will soon be throwing Spanos under the bus as things get worse in LA.

Listen to the whole interview below:

The Spanoses did this to themselves. Absolutely no one outside of that family and its inner circle thought moving to Los Angeles was a wise decision. Now the franchise is a national laughingstock and it’s only getting worse.

In a city and surrounding area of 18.1 million people, the Chargers couldn’t find enough of their own fans to fill a tiny soccer stadium in their first week in a new home. At least half of the fans in the crowd in Week 2 were cheering for the Miami Dolphins, a team whose fanbase doesn’t travel particularly well.

This weekend the Chargers welcome the Kansas City Chiefs to town. The Chiefs have a rabid fanbase who could wind up outnumbering Chargers fans in their own stadium. Expect to see a lot of red on Sunday in that crowd. And expect things to keep getting worse for Spanos and co. in Los Angeles.

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