7 Most Important NFL Stats From Week 3

7 Most Important NFL Stats From Week 3


7 Most Important NFL Stats From Week 3

Tom Brady seems to set or tie a record every week, right? Sunday he tied Warren Moon’s record of 5 TD passes in a game by a 40-year old QB. Here’s what’s even more impressive: Brady has thrown 8 TDs and no interceptions in the last two weeks and 825 yards. His current pace – which he can’t possibly keep up because he’s 40 – would bring him to 5,824 yards, which would set an NFL record.


How odd is this: Through the first 11 quarters of the season, the New York Giants had a whopping total of 13 points. Sunday, they were blanked through the 1st three quarters in Philadelphia. But then, in the 4th quarter, the Giants exploded for 24 points, with Odell Beckham catching two TDs. Amazingly, the Giants lost, 27-24, on a 61-yard field goal at the horn.


Here’s how you know the Jaguars have something developing: For the first time in his career, Blake Bortles had a 4-TD passing game and Jacksonville won. Back in 2015, when people thought Bortles was decent (35 TDs, 4,428 yards), he two 4-TD games, and a 5-TD game. They lost all three because the defense was so terrible. But Bortles throwing 4 TDs with no turnovers feels like a landmark moment. It also came against Baltimore, which came in having dominated Andy Dalton and rookie Deshone Kizer. For Bortles not to crumble against the Ravens … impressive. Jacksonville is 2-1.


What’s the deal with Le'Veon Bell? He held out, then finally signed his franchise tender, and through three games, has done next-to-nothing for the Steelers. So far: 52 carries, 180 yards, one TD. That doesn’t put him among the Top 7 rushers in the NFL. Facing the rival Ravens this week, it feels like a big spot for Bell, following the loss to the Bears.


Turnovers by Jameis Winston. A week ago, the Bucs rolled the Bears and everyone got excited for Tampa Bay. But in Minnesota, Winston turned into his old, turnover-prone self, through three interceptions and fumbling twice. Star receiver Mike Evans was targeted 12 times, but still unhappy with all the turnovers:


Rookie Carl Lawson from Auburn, a promising prospect, fell all the way to the 4th round in the draft. The Bengals drafted him, and in his first extended playing time, registered three sacks against Aaron Rodgers.


You know I am bullish on the Titans this season, and after the Derrick Henry vs DeMarco Murray stuff bubbled up last week, this happened Sunday: Murray peeled off the longest touchdown run against the Seahawks (75 yards) in eight years.


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