Kareem Hunt Has Nearly as Many Yards as the Miami Dolphins and Other Fun Stats

Kareem Hunt Has Nearly as Many Yards as the Miami Dolphins and Other Fun Stats


Kareem Hunt Has Nearly as Many Yards as the Miami Dolphins and Other Fun Stats

The Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Chargers are all 0-4.

The Chiefs are the only remaining unbeaten team.

As of Monday morning, Kareem Hunt led the NFL in rushing with 401 yards. He was 21st in rushing attempts and the Chiefs had only played 3 games. Frank Gore, Mike Gillislee, Melvin Gordon, Joe Mixon and Jay Ajayi all had more carries and less than half-as-many yards.

After Monday night’s game, Hunt is up to 502 yards and he is tied for the 8th most carries. He’s 71st in the NFL in receiving yards and 9th in yards after catch. Tyreke Hill is 6th and Travis Kelce is 18th. Coincidentally, Alex Smith is averaging a career-high 266.8 yards per game this season.

Tom Brady and Carson Palmer are the only quarterbacks averaging 300+ passing yards a game. They’re also respectively ranked number 5 and 1 in sacks taken. And numbers 1 and 3 in starting quarterback age.

The New York Jets have zero chance of getting the top pick in the next draft to pick Sam Darnold. The good news is Sam Darnold will probably be available whenever they draft. OK, maybe that’s not good news for anyone.

The Miami Dolphins have only made 50% of their extra points. The good news is they’ve only attempted two extra points. Through three games the Dolphins have scored 25 points. They’re averaging 8.3 points per game. No one else is below 15 points per game and 24 teams are averaging twice as many points per game.

The Dolphins have amassed 747 yards on offense in three games. Kareem Hunt has 659 yards in four games.

Jay Cutler is having about as good a season as the Dolphins quarterback (5.85 YPA, 205 YPG, 66.7% completions) as Mike Glennon was having in Chicago (5.95 YPA, 208 YPG, 66.4%). Both guys are much better than Joe Flacco.


7,000 Yard Watch
The Patriots defense is on pace to give up 7,308 yards this season. The 2012 New Orleans Saints set the 16-game record by giving up 7,042 yards. The Saints gave up 1,853 yards in their first four games of 2012. The Patriots have given up 1.827.

Thanks to the Seahawks hanging 46 points on the Colts, the Patriots now only have the second-worst scoring defense in the NFL.

Cam Newton had season-highs in yards, touchdown passes, completions, completion percentage. Basically everything. Can Cam Newton be elite again? If he plays the Patriots every week, yes. Without a doubt.

Next up for the Patriots is Jameis Winston and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winston has completed a career-best 63% of his passes this season and is 6th in the NFL with 8.0 YPA. Tampa is 9th in yards per game and 12th in scoring.

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