Los Angeles Chargers Asked Colin Cowherd To Be Nicer To Them

Los Angeles Chargers Asked Colin Cowherd To Be Nicer To Them


Los Angeles Chargers Asked Colin Cowherd To Be Nicer To Them

Colin Cowherd has long hammered the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers and the NFL for allowing the team to move out of San Diego. And, quite frankly, he’s been right to do so. The move to LA has been a complete joke and the franchise never should have moved. Now the team has apparently asked Cowherd to be “nicer” to them on his show.

Cowherd’s co-host, Kristine Leahy, said on Monday that the Chargers had asked her to tell Cowherd to be nicer to them. Here’s the exchange on the air:

This is so pathetic. Cowherd’s criticism of the move has been spot on. No one, I repeat, no one in LA wanted the Chargers to move there. The team had a loyal, passionate fanbase in San Diego which owner Dean Spanos completely abandoned to move North. This was nothing but a blatant cash grab by a greedy owner. The fact that Spanos and company are asking media personalities to be nicer to them (and Cowherd isn’t the only one who has gotten this request) is so hilariously pitiful. People are ripping the move because it was moronic, not because they want to be “mean.”

In the clip Cowherd says the value of the franchise increased by moving to LA, but that doesn’t matter unless Spanos sells the team. There is absolutely no indication that he plans to sell. Also, the idea that the optics will be bad for the next two-plus years then things will be fine in a new stadium is not close to true. If the Chargers can’t find 25,000 of their own fans to go to the StubHub Center in a city that hasn’t had the NFL in 21 years, how are they going to get 70,000 to go to Inglewood in 2020 when the novelty has worn off? Meanwhile, TV ratings for the team’s games in LA are already in the tank.

Tickets to the Inglewood stadium are going to be ridiculously expensive, the Chargers have shown they don’t have a true fan base in LA, San Diego has abandoned them and the Rams are clearly the more exciting team. Not to mention, the Rams and Raiders have deep ties to LA, and the Raiders will be a cheap plane flight away in Las Vegas beginning in 2019. The idea that there is hope on the horizon for the Chargers is foolish.

Meanwhile, San Diego was willing to negotiate to build Spanos a new city but he refused to come to the table. Instead, he only offered to put in $300 million of his own money towards a new facility, while he was willing to spend $650 million just to relocate. If he put that $650 million into a stadium in San Diego it would have gotten built. That fact should be pointed out every time someone discusses the move.

Cowherd should keep hammering this move because it deserves to be hammered. Just over a week ago he said the NFL should force the Chargers back to San Diego where they actually have fans.

He was right. That’s the only move that makes sense for the league. Scenes like Sunday’s Eagles’ home game at StubHub are an embarrassment and will further damage the NFL’s brand.

Cowherd and others have simply been telling the truth about the Los Angeles Chargers. They are an absolute disaster and an embarrassment to the league. That should be pointed out and exposed at every turn.

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