VIDEO: LeBron Seems Regaled By the 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Film Crew

Last year there were rumors that LeBron James did not want Tristan Thompson’s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian anywhere near the Cavs (which were contradicted shortly thereafter by her appearance at his Halloween party).

It’s hard to read LeBron sometimes but in this instance that was taken from his Snapchat he seems, based on his tone, kinda amused by the whole deal (language NSFW):

According to local Cleveland media, the KUWTK crew had access to the Cavs’ training facilities this week. Given everything we think we know about LeBron’s level of input with the Cavs’ logistics, it’s hard to imagine he didn’t sign off on this.

It goes without saying that Khloe’s reported pregnancy will be a storyline on television and platforms beyond.

The extent to which the Kardashian film crew will continue to get access to Cavs facilities remains to be seen.

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