WATCH: N.C. State Fans Chant "F-B-I" During Win Over Louisville

N.C. State fans executed a master troll of Louisville during the No. 24 Wolfpack’s 39-25 win over the Cardinals. Following a Louisville touchdown, the team’s fans chanted “F-B-I” at the Cardinals repeatedly.

Check it out:

Obviously N.C. State fans are referring to the FBI investigation into Louisville’s basketball team and Adidas, which led to the firing of basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich.

It’s a great troll, but N.C. State happens to be an Adidas school, so the school’s fans might want to pump the breaks on pointing fingers for the moment.

I’m fairly certain Louisville is going to have to get used to chants like this happening throughout the season in basically every sport.

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