Taylor Twellman's Rant About U.S. Soccer Was Perfect

Taylor Twellman's Rant About U.S. Soccer Was Perfect


Taylor Twellman's Rant About U.S. Soccer Was Perfect

The United States men’s national team will miss the World Cup for the first time in 31 years after an awful loss to Trinidad and Tobago Tuesday night. In the wake of that brutal blow to U.S. Soccer, angry opinions and recriminations are coming in from left and right. The best rant concerning one of the biggest embarrassments in American sports history, came from ESPN’s Taylor Twellman.

Twellman embarked on a thorough lashing of everyone associated with U.S. Soccer and he did not hold back. It was a thing of beauty.

Check it out:

Man, that was just a brutal takedown. And everything Twellman said was absolutely correct. Every. Single. Word.

With the amount of resources the U.S. pours into soccer in this country, there is no excuse for not making the World Cup. In a weak qualifying group like CONCACAF, the fact that the U.S. finished fifth out of six teams in the final round is flat out inexcusable.

The next few months are going to be very uncomfortable for those at the top of U.S. Soccer. Federation president Sunil Gulati and manager Bruce Arena are already facing calls for their ouster and they won’t quiet down any time soon.

That said, the problems with soccer in the United States run much deeper than the national team. An entire rethinking of the way this country runs its national program is long overdue.

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