All Will Fuller Does is Catch Touchdowns

All Will Fuller Does is Catch Touchdowns


All Will Fuller Does is Catch Touchdowns


Will Fuller returned to the Houston Texans in Week 4 after injuring his collarbone. All he’s done since stepping on the field is catch touchdowns at a preposterous rate. He found the end zone twice against the Tennessee Titans and twice against the Kansas City Chiefs. Last week he regressed to the mean, only scoring once. Now, he’s back to his usual self.

Two of Fuller’s first three receptions against Seattle went for touchdowns to bring his season total to seven. Seven touchdowns on 11 catches. An impossible pace to maintain.

Fuller now leads the NFL in receiving touchdowns even though he’s played less than 3.5 games. His teammate DeAndre Hopkins has six TD grabs on 37 catches, a more reasonable ratio. Oakland’s Michael Crabtree also has six on 28 total catches, slightly better but nowhere near what Fuller is doing.

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