Could Frank Gore "Return" to Philadelphia at the Trade Deadline?

Could Frank Gore "Return" to Philadelphia at the Trade Deadline?


Could Frank Gore "Return" to Philadelphia at the Trade Deadline?

Back in the 2015 offseason, there was a brief period, at the start of free agency but before players could actually sign, when Frank Gore agreed to sign with Philadelphia. He changed his mind before signing to play with Chip Kelly, though, and ended up in Indianapolis.

Now, Frank Gore is a 34-year-old running back on a team that is going nowhere, and he will almost certainly not be back in Indianapolis next year. The Colts have a young back in Marlon Mack that they could see in an extended tryout for next season. The Eagles, meanwhile, sit at 7-1 and lost Darren Sproles earlier this year, and could use another reliable veteran in the backfield rotation.

According to Kyle Scott of Crossing Broad, the Eagles did make an inquiry.

The other option if Philadelphia wanted to seriously pursue a running back is Carlos Hyde, who they just played with San Francisco on Sunday. Hyde is a free agent after this year, is on a winless team, and might be available for a modest price.

Trades are rare in the NFL but not unheard of near the deadline. We saw Arizona make a move for Adrian Peterson, who was unhappy in New Orleans, a few weeks ago. Martavis Bryant is another disgruntled player, and with Juju Smith-Schuster’s explosion while Bryant was inactive this week, I wouldn’t rule out a move (Bryant is also a free agent next year). I’d suggest a Bryant for Shane Vereen swap, to a team that has major wide receiver injuries, and for a back who could spell Bell occasionally on third down in the passing game down the stretch.

Another free agent move that I think could make sense but is a longshot: WR Tyrell Williams is a free agent and I’m not sure where he fits in the 3-5 Chargers longterm plans with the return of Keenan Allen, drafting Mike Williams (who is working back) and also having Travis Benjamin. The Bills need to add weapons around Tyrod Taylor, and are in playoff contention, but rookie Zay Jones isn’t getting it done.


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