Colin "KRAPPERDICK" Wins Louisiana Casino Costume Contest

The Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana held a costume contest. The guy who won was wearing a Colin Kaepernick-themed costume with an afro, a diaper and a soldier. The front of the jersey said “KRAPPERNICK.” Ironically, the person with him in many of the pictures was wearing a violation of the US Flag Code.

There’s some question as to whether or not he was wearing blackface early in the evening. One picture appears to look that way. The casino posted a statement on Facebook denying it and making sure to say that guests voted for the costume contest winner.

James Pendarvis, the man in the “KRAPPERDICK” costume, spoke to the Shreveport Times:

The costume was meant to express his displeasure with players kneeling during the national anthem and had nothing to do with race, Pendarvis said.

“I feel like it’s an insult,” he said of the players’ kneeling. “I understand why they are protesting. It seems if it’s okay for him, or players to do this. Why against our country?”

Pendarvis initially shared photos of himself on his own Facebook page. The negative response prompted him to delete them as, he said, too easily misunderstood and darkened.

He said costumes like his are everywhere. He compared his Kaepernick look to costumes depicting a young girl in a cardboard box being deported by Trump.

“As a society we have freedom of speech. But yet, I get hammered for a costume,” he said. “Yes, distasteful to some, funny to others. Our country should be worried about ways to peaceful protests and ways to better our nation. … It’s getting to a point where no one can say anything about anything.”

Yes. It really is a shame that someone can’t do something without someone getting offended.

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