The Holiday Season Has Arrived, Give Me All the Christmas Movies Immediately

The Holiday Season Has Arrived, Give Me All the Christmas Movies Immediately

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The Holiday Season Has Arrived, Give Me All the Christmas Movies Immediately

Baseball is over. Halloween has come and gone. The days are short and the nights are long. Starbucks has changed their cups. This means the holidays are officially here. Good. Bring on the Christmas movies. It can never be too soon.

November 1st was the big change. Commercials started featuring snow. Stores brought out Christmas displays. Christmas music started playing in retail settings. Good. Bring on Christmas. And bring on the Christmas movies. Somebody put Love Actually on a loop and let’s never look back at the non-holiday times ever again.

(FYI: The first basic cable airing of Love Actually appears to be Monday, November 13th at 8pm on CMT. Update your calendars.)

Halloween is a fun start to the holiday season. There are no family obligations. No big meal. Just a bunch of horror movies and assorted candies and babies in adorable outfits. As soon as all that ends and November begins give me Christmas. That’s right. I’m out on a limb saying Christmas is good.

Some people want to put off the holidays, but those people are wrong.  Once it’s over there is nothing left but dreary winter. We can’t stretch the season into late January, but it’s socially acceptable to stretch it in the other direction so let’s always do that. I am one-hundred-percent prepared for non-stop Christmas from now until January 1st.

Freeform is playing classics starting in two weeks. Home Alone, Elf, Christmas Vacation. A Charlie Brown Christmas will show up on ABC at some point. Then you have Hallmark and Lifetime with original straight-to-cable movies.

Make a thousand movies with Lacey Chabert every holiday season and shoot them directly into my veins. I want 80’s and 90’s sitcom stars playing these people who are inexplicably single and need to fall in love on Christmas. I want reunions of famous TV couples. I want all the Christmas movies from Hallmark and similar channels. Movies about people with silly Christmas-y jobs who live in towns with Christmas-y names or people who have forgotten about their love of Christmas who live in big cities who work in ridiculously vague tech jobs. Some of them are legitimately good and all of them are legitimately enjoyable.

Did you know there’s a Christmas movie where Carl and Harriette Winslow help Blossom fall in love? Was it good? I don’t remember, but it was about the Christmas spirit and if I see it on my channel guide I will watch it again. She probably saved a town or a wooden toy factory or had trouble getting home for Christmas. Who cares! There’s one where Candace Cameron Bure traveled through time in a shed. I’ve seen Winnie Cooper become a princess. They’re all great.

And I haven’t even mentioned all the classic Christmas episodes of beloved television shows. Has there ever been a bad Christmas episode of a television show? I don’t think so.

If there is snow on my television screen, I’m happy. We only have two months to enjoy all this great content so soak it in. Start now. And don’t stop until the new year.

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