Baker Mayfield Doesn't Need to Apologize

Baker Mayfield Doesn't Need to Apologize


Baker Mayfield Doesn't Need to Apologize

Look, there will come a time in the near future when Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield apologizes for grabbing his groin during today’s victory against Kansas. He apologized after planting the flag at Ohio State earlier this year and he’ll apologize for the “lewd” gesture here.

UPDATE: He did.

But he shouldn’t.

Kansas set the tone early by refusing to shake his hand and escalated the situation by delivering cheap shots. The Jayhawks decided this game would be played on the high road. They shouldn’t be shocked and outraged when Mayfield drove down on that one and ran them over.

In an ideal world Mayfield doesn’t grab himself. This certainly isn’t an ideal world. A college football player doing this gesture isn’t a great look but it’s hardly the worst thing in the world.

I’d posit, also, that precious few out there are actually outraged by it.

The back-and-forth was admittedly a bit childish. In that parlance, Mayfield finished it, but didn’t start it. I’d let the action — and his on-field performance — speak for itself, like it or not.

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