BBQ Joint Apologizes for Spreading Grumors

BBQ Joint Apologizes for Spreading Grumors


BBQ Joint Apologizes for Spreading Grumors

All it takes a little push to get a good Jon Gruden-to-Tennessee rumor going down a hill and that’s exactly what happened Saturday evening when a guy who looked similar to the Monday Night Football analyst popped into a Knoxville BBQ restaurant with a Peyton Manning-lookin’ guy.

Things really got steamrolling when the restaurant, Calhoun’s on the River, started retweeting these Grumors because, you know, Gruden and Manning enjoying a Saturday meal in the shadow of Neyland Stadium is big news.

But as with most things, this was too good to be true and the BBQ joint has issued a statement regarding its role in spreading misinformation.

Gruden, by the way, is thousands of miles in Seattle prepping for Monday night’s game, per ESPN.

Gruden dopplegangers will be walking all over Tennessee tonight. You can’t stop the Grumors, you can only hope to contain them. As always, the next one could be the real deal.

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