Ranking Our Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

Ranking Our Favorite Thanksgiving Foods


Ranking Our Favorite Thanksgiving Foods


Happy Thanksgiving from The Big Lead writers. Some of us got together and voted on our favorite foods on the holiday. Brussels sprouts did not make it. Neither did spaghetti and meatballs. Here is what we came up with:


Nothing says Thanksgiving like the stuffing. When else do you sit down to a heaping helping of stuffing covered in gravy? Give me all the stuffing.


Some like to diminish the centerpiece of the meal. No, just don’t eat a dry bird. Stuffing and Turkey go together like Captain and Tenille (look it up, kids). These two are the universals in our family get-togethers, stretching from New York to California.

Those two were way out in front, ahead of …


Another staple, and one of our writers, I won’t say whom (*cough* Kyle) even rated gravy as its own food group. Gravy is, though, the tie that binds throughout the meal. One of the reasons we rag on salad is because it doesn’t work with gravy. Ryan Phillips made sure to specify parmesan-encrusted potatoes, because he likes to rub it in that his mom writes cookbooks. We get it.

After those three, things diverged, with choices that may be regional in nature, or divisive.


Apparently, this is called Yams in some part of the country, but (whispers) they are all sweet potatoes. Anyway, this one ranks highly in my house, where they are baked while covered in cinnamon, brown sugar, and nuts. That hard crust with the pie-like underbelly are to die for.


Pumpkin Pie tops the dessert list, so suck it, all you pumpkin spice haters.

The Rest of the List:

#6 Cranberries (probably the most divisive choice on the list).

#7 Squash (what kind of squash is this and does it replace sweet potatoes?)

#8 Pecan Pie

#9 Mac-n-cheese (those geographical maps say this is disproportionately popular in the South, but Ryan Glasspiegel gets his in Connecticut).

#10 Carrots

#11 Dinner Rolls

#12 Corn Casserole

#13 Green Bean Casserole

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