Trae Young Is Steph Curry 2.0, and Other Perfect College Basketball Comparisons

Trae Young Is Steph Curry 2.0, and Other Perfect College Basketball Comparisons


Trae Young Is Steph Curry 2.0, and Other Perfect College Basketball Comparisons

The YouTube uploader on this Trae Young highlight video below suggests Young may be the next Stephen Curry. It’s an interesting proposition in that Young seems to have molded his game as a direct copy of Curry’s, although like a garage-built Lamborghini, there are a few things that look a little … off. He has a weirdly mechanical shooting stroke, and he plays a style that appears on the edge of chaos at all times. By any traditional thinking, all of this is bound to catch up to him at the worst possible time, but what can anybody say when he scores 43 points against Oregon and his team wins?

He’s averaging 28.2 points, 8.6 assists, and 4.2 rebounds per game.. He had 33 against Portland, 28 against Arkansas, 22 against Ball State and 15 against Omaha in his first college game.

Those are similar numbers to Curry’s junior (and final) season at Davidson, in 2008-09. That year Curry averaged 28.6 points, 5.6 assists and 4.4 rebounds per game. Curry did that over the course of 35 games for a team that missed the NCAA Tournament. Young has played all of five games, so there’s no serious comparison to be made yet.

But if you’re looking for a college basketball player to satisfy your Steph Tooth, Trae Young will work.

Is Dylan Osetkowski the Ginger Grandmama?

I tell you there’s a 6-foot-9 redhead with shaggy hair playing an inside-outside game in college basketball and you’re like, “Yeah, I know, dude, I’ve seen Gonzaga before.” But Dylan Osetkowski doesn’t go to Gonzaga, and he’s a little different than the Keith Van Horn clone that immediately comes to mind.

This guy is more like Larry Johnson. This is the redheaded Grandmama.

For one thing, he’s big. He’s 21 with the ribcage of a middle-aged farmer. When he was at Tulane, they listed him at 6-9, 255. Texas has him at 245, but either way now you’re thinking, “OK, so he’s got Dad Game.” And he does. He’s got the pump fakes, the footwork, the slow post ups, the soft touch. It’s 100 percent Dad Game, right up until he steps into a passing lane, takes it the other way and dunks on your point guard with his left hand, or punches home a missed jump shot off the tip, or drives baseline and hammers on your big man.

The story is, once he transferred from Tulane to Texas, UT coach Shaka Smart pretty much watched him go for a while and said you do you, bro. Texas has a very talented team this year, but on every possession I crave that Osetkowski will get the ball, because he’s constantly doing something interesting with it. Plus, he gets extraordinarily sweaty, and he’ll get technical fouls. Smart has wisely encouraged Osetkowski to turn it up to 11. His creativity and toughness, along with the extraordinary athletic ability of guard Kerwin Roach and center Mohamed Bamba, give Texas a fast, freewheeling style with a bunch of dudes that can really finish at the rim. They pushed the best team in the country, Duke, to overtime, and didn’t look like plucky upstarts doing it. If this is, as the preseason polls suggested, the fourth-best team in the Big 12, then the Big 12 is really dang good.

Is DeAndre Ayton Joel Embiid?

I watch DeAndre Ayton against N.C. State, and I feel like he should be playing at Georgetown in the 80s. He’s a good shooter (though perhaps not as good as he thinks), but the post-ups, the offensive rebounds, the face-up midrange jumpers – it’s all very Patrick Ewing.

Or Joel Embiid.

He’s averaging 20-12 with 1.3 blocks and shooting 60 percent from the field and 70 percent at the free throw line.  Embiied averaged 11-8 with 2.6 blocks, shooting 63 percent from the field and 69 percent at the foul line in one season at Kansas.

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