Jimbo Fisher is the Most Overrated Coach in College Football

Jimbo Fisher is the Most Overrated Coach in College Football


Jimbo Fisher is the Most Overrated Coach in College Football

Jimbo Fisher signed a mind-blowing 10-year, $75 million contract with Texas A&M. He’s going from the good-not-great ACC, where his biggest challenge was beating Clemson every year, into the loaded SEC West, which is the toughest division in college football.

For the most overrated coach in college football, this is going to be a tall order.

Yes, Jimbo Fisher has a National title. Yes, he had a very good 8-year run at Florida State. He was handed the keys to Bobby Bowden’s dynasty in Tallahassee, and he didn’t screw it up. Let’s see how he did:

During a 2-year run with Jameis Winston, the Seminoles were a staggering 27-1. They had a lineup full of NFL players. Literally, full. The entire 11-man offense from the 2013 National title team made it to the NFL. And the 11 starters on defense did, too. That’s obscene.

How much credit does Fisher get for that? Obviously you’ve got to recruit the players. Then again, how much does the FSU brand recruit itself?

In the years in which Winston did not play, Fisher was 56-22. Winning 71% of your games is nothing to scoff at, though much of that was compiled before Clemson and Dabo Swinney became a monster.

Fisher won at Florida State. His successor – likely Willie Taggart – will will in Tallahassee, too. The real question: Will Fisher win at Texas A&M? He’s going up against Tom Herman at Texas, a marriage I think will work. Gary Patterson has turned TCU into a power. Chad Morris is quickly turning SMU into a destination. Kliff Kingsbury is attracting talent to Texas Tech.

And Oklahoma still recruits the state of Texas very well.

All of those hurdles plus the most difficult division in America, the SEC West.

I don’t see how this will work for a guy like Fisher, who has never spent a minute of his career – coaching or playing – in Texas.

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