Five Targets for a New York Giants Coaching Search

Five Targets for a New York Giants Coaching Search


Five Targets for a New York Giants Coaching Search

Ben McAdoo, and general manager Jerry Reese, have been fired after a 2-10 start and a volatile week where Eli Manning was benched. That comes just one year after a brief turnaround, where the Giants made the playoffs. But make no mistake, the Giants have been on a long downward slide, and this is a rebuild. The injuries to stars like Odell Beckham have just pulled the band-aid off quickly. New York has made the postseason once in the last six years and it’s time for the Eli Manning era to end, and for the Giants to bring someone in who doesn’t set the clock ahead five minutes.

So let’s get to some potential routes that the Giants will go:

#1 Josh McDaniels 

Josh McDaniels has served his time again after the failed Denver experiment– which now seems an eternity ago. He’s still only 41 years old. He’ll get into a yelling match with Tom Brady. When you survey the landscape of the hot coaching candidates, well, there aren’t many. Which of the hot offenses has a young coordinator ready for his opportunity, and not a retread?

The big question here isn’t whether the Giants should want to target McDaniels, but whether McDaniels might choose a different option. The Giants are looking at a transition at QB where they will likely have a top 3 pick. If McDaniels doesn’t like the college options, then he may not like this opportunity.

#2 Todd Haley

Speaking of guys who may be ready for a second chance, the Steelers’ offense has been a strength since Todd Haley went to Pittsburgh. He wasn’t a complete failure in Kansas City–getting to a playoff game with Matt Cassel at QB is an accomplishment. He was fired the next year after a 5-8 start when he and Scott Pioli were clearly at odds. (Remember the Pioli bugging phones and leaving candy wrappers stories?). If you don’t want to go the Patriot Way then maybe go with the guy who is trying to beat them.

#3 George Edwards

Edwards has been the defensive coordinator with the Vikings for the last four years with Mike Zimmer, and it feels like he’s about to get his opportunity for a head coaching job among the many openings. The Vikings are 2nd in points allowed and yards this year, after being in the top 6 in both a year ago. If the Giants want to go with a defensive guy and try to then pair him with a veteran OC, this could be a way to go.

#4 James Franklin

Yes, this is a stretch, as all college rumors can be until they happen. While there is a perception that college coaches are riskier, they actually have the best track record, especially if they are somewhat pro-oriented or have a pro background. Tom Coughlin was a coach at Boston College once upon a time.

James Franklin (who was a WR coach with the Packers back in 2005), is still under 45 years old. If he has any interest, now would be the time to make the move. Next year is a relative rebuilding year in Happy Valley and they just lost their offensive coordinator. You now have a GM and coach opening and can give him an attractive offer. It would bring a huge name that would play in the New York market and be the biggest splash they could make, on par with the 49ers getting Harbaugh from Stanford.

#5 Jeff Fisher

NFL Ratings are down. Jeff Fisher is not in the league. Draw your own conclusions. Do it, Giants. Make the hire that would allow us to make jokes.

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