NFL Week 15 Picks and Preview: Star Wars or Thursday Night Football?

NFL Week 15 Picks and Preview: Star Wars or Thursday Night Football?


NFL Week 15 Picks and Preview: Star Wars or Thursday Night Football?

Star Wars opens tonight. If you aren’t into that, the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Final Four is taking place tonight. Should be exciting. Oh, and then there’s the Broncos and Colts if you need some background noise. Quick previews today as I’m filing this on the run.

Last Week: 7-6 ATS

Overall: 98-86-2 ATS


Denver (-2.5) at Indianapolis

I’ll be watching Star Wars on opening night, folks. But hey. You do you. Colts +2.5.


Chicago (+5.5) at Detroit

Andy Benoit would rather face Stafford but also have Stafford. Judging by his earlier list of quarterbacks better than Colin Kaepernick, this is a man you should trust on QB play. Bears +5.5.


Los Angeles Chargers (-1) at Kansas City

It’s not going to be super cold by Arrowhead December standards, but it will be unlike Southern California on Saturday night. This one will likely decide the AFC West. The Chiefs have been in free fall but turned it around against the Raiders, and now Marcus Peters is back. Chargers lose on a botched field goal. Chiefs +1.


Philadelphia (-7.5) at NY Giants

One team is quarterbacked by a stiff whose best days are four years behind him, and the other one will now turn to Nick Foles. Eagles -7.5.

Green Bay (+3) at Carolina

Will Aaron Rodgers be unbroken at the end of this one? The NFC race is a lot more interesting if the Packers win here, so against all logic when it comes to referee calls that could swing a game, I’m going Panthers -3.

Cincinnati (+10.5) at Minnesota

Have their been any reports that Marvin Lewis will be back next year? In a world where Jeff Fisher’s legacy only lives on with all his former quarterbacks that will now be in the playoffs, we need Marvin Lewis for awhile. Bengals +10.5.

Miami (+3) at Buffalo

I’m all aboard the Drake bandwagon. No, I don’t mean I’m rooting for Kentucky, the Cavaliers, the Warriors, and the Yankees. Dolphins +3.

Houston (+11) at Jacksonville

It’s honestly too bad that Tom Savage could not start a second game against Jacksonville. That opening game seems like an eternity ago. Jaguars -11.

New York Jets (+16) at New Orleans

Yes, this is a big line, but with the current Jets quarterbacks, I think this one ends up how people expected the Jets to look all year. Saints -16.

Arizona (+4.5) at Washington

The Cardinals and Blaine Gabbert are talking contract extension. Do it. Washington -4.5.

Baltimore (-7) at Cleveland

Yet again last week, the Browns showed that no one is better at blowing covers. I’m pot committed to incorrectly taking the Browns in search of their first win, having the lead, and then blowing the cover late. Browns +7.

SUNDAY 4:05/4:25 PM

Los Angeles Rams (+2.5) at Seattle

The Seahawks will be down by two scores and win on a hail mary because they just won’t die. Rams +2.5.

New England (-3) at Pittsburgh

The Patriots are on to Pittsburgh. They’ll be fine. Patriots -3.

Tennessee (+2) at San Francisco

The team currently leading the AFC wildcard is a road dog to the team that was in position to get the 2nd overall pick a few weeks ago. And it makes sense. 49ers -2.


Dallas (-3) at Oakland

The Cowboys need this one. America needs some drama. Raiders +3.


Atlanta (-6) at Tampa Bay

Mike Evans is killing my fantasy team. I’m stupidly going to start him again with the season on the line. So I’ll be bawling on Monday night as he gets 2 catches again. But I just know that if I bench him he’ll go for 200 yards. Bucs +6.


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