Top Ten Chris Farley Characters

Top Ten Chris Farley Characters


Top Ten Chris Farley Characters


It’s hard to believe, but it’s been twenty years since we lost Chris Farley. David Spade sent this out, and it brought back some repressed memories.

Farley’s peak was in my late high school and college years, and nobody could pull off physical comedy, play off jokes about his body, and do ridiculous characters like Farley. RIP.

#10 Senator Howell Heflin in the Clarence Thomas hearings

In a skit that is quite topical now, on the topic of sexual harassment as it related to Clarence Thomas, Farley played Alabama Senator Howell Heflin (the last Democratic Senator from the state until Doug Jones). Al Franken plays Senator Paul Simon in the skit. It was an early indication of Farley’s comedy chops.

#9 Bennett Brauer (in air quotes)

When overusing air quotes was awesome.

#8 Hungry Valley Girl

Don’t deny Chris Farley his food.

#7 Da Bears

Todd could take down a pork chop.


#6 The Bus Driver in Billy Madison

#5 Chris Farley as himself, host of The Chris Farley Show

Do you remember when Farley showed off his interviewing chops in a series of interviews with celebrities, like this one with Jeff Daniels? That was awesome and I think he won some awards.

#4 Lunch Lady

An inspired performance as a school lunch lady with a hairnet and a pimple.

#3 Tommy Boy needs his wingy

“I love it, I love my little naughty pet, you’re naughty.” So many possible scenes from the Butcher’s ass to fat guy in a little coat to the burning cars.


#2 Chippendales Dancer

Who can forget Farley’s toe-to-toe dance-off with Patrick Swayze?


#1 Matt Foley

The role he was born to play. An inspirational speaker who lives in the van down by the river. David Spade and Christina Applegate could not keep it together as he nailed it.

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