John Dorsey Reportedly Said He Would 'Stay Away' from Josh Rosen

John Dorsey Reportedly Said He Would 'Stay Away' from Josh Rosen


John Dorsey Reportedly Said He Would 'Stay Away' from Josh Rosen

On Sunday, Adam Schefter sent out a tweet saying that the Cleveland Browns were giving Josh Rosen pause at the top of the draft. There were also statements that Rosen wanted to be with a more stable franchise.

If a revelation by Tony Pauline is correct (h/t: Dawg Pound Daily), then it may be a two-way street and we could have some real drama at the top of the draft.

Pauline revealed that John Dorsey was one of his sources cited in a November draft report that included this blurb on Rosen.

When speaking about the signal caller, at least two general managers have said “stay away.” One general manager, whose team will likely end up with a top-12 selection and needs a quarterback, said he would not select him from his early off-the-field evaluations.

Opinions are that Rosen is not the leader they need on the field for the next level — the things he’s gotten away with on the college field won’t fly in the NFL. The word egotistical was mentioned many times in referring to Rosen.

We can question why the opinion was granted anonymity in November but not now. That was a few weeks before Dorsey was publicly announced as the next general manager of the Cleveland Browns.

This draft season is going to be quite intriguing when it comes to quarterbacks, and teams talking themselves out of Josh Rosen is going to be a thing. As far as the egotistical stuff, a quarterback having an ego is not a disqualifier and teams that have passed on those guys have sometimes gotten burned.

You’ll remember the “Icon” comments from Cam Newton nearly seven years ago. There was also a guy who brashly came out and said “I throw better than anyone in college and I can throw with anyone in the pros. There, that’s what I think” before the draft. He fell below five other quarterbacks. It was Dan Marino.

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