Is This Skip Bayless' Worst Take?

Is This Skip Bayless' Worst Take?


Is This Skip Bayless' Worst Take?

Skip Bayless has parlayed his contrarian act into millions and millions of dollars and the brightest lights in sports media. At this point it’s not surprising to see him say something intentionally incendiary and impossible to defend. And yet, every so often, he authors a thought so outrageous that it renders the brain useless for a few minutes while all the synapses fire at once.

This morning was one of those times as Bayless suggested the Alabama Crimson Tide have a long tradition of laying eggs in big games.

This is the Alabama program that’s won four national titles under Nick Saban since 2009. The same program that is 6-3 in BCS Championship Games and College Football Playoff games. The same program that Saban has led to a 123-13 record over the last decade.

No team in college football has won more big games in recent history than Alabama. No sensible person would ever argue that the Tide have come up short when it matters most.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn’t tune into the teased segment because, well, as previously stated, my brain was incapable of guiding motor functions.

It’s a crowded field, but this is potentially Bayless’ worst take. Discuss amongst yourselves.


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