Tom Brady Should Do Edgier Cartoons

Tom Brady Should Do Edgier Cartoons


Tom Brady Should Do Edgier Cartoons

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Forty-year-old Tom Brady is just like every other norm-core dad approaching middle age, except for the five Super Bowl rings. His love for print media and lame jokes were on full display yesterday after the New England Patriots took care of the New York Jets. The ol’ “next year” gag is a Dec. 31 classic, bound to draw polite laughs from Midwesterners.

Brady’s social media prowess is well-respected but it goes to show that even he misses the mark from time to time. Thoughts and prayers to the cartoonists tasked with drawing this. Seems a tremendous amount of work for such small payoff.

What we’d like to see in 2018 from Brady is edgier material. Maybe get political, ruffle some feathers. Of course, he hardly seems like the guy willing to take such a risk.

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