There Will Be A Parade for the 0-16 Browns

There Will Be A Parade for the 0-16 Browns


There Will Be A Parade for the 0-16 Browns

Oh, you’d better believe there’s gonna be a parade for this. The Browns just completed a perfect (0-16) season, and one fan is not about to let that happen without celebrating it in the most sarcastic way possible, reports WCMH-TV in Columbus. 

“You’re the Browns players you’re the Browns front office you’re the Browns personnel or the Browns coach Hue Jackson you guys aren’t supposed to like it. You’re not supposed to be happy that we are out there you know quote on quote (sic) celebrating 0 and 16, because you guys are professionals, were (sic) supposed to win,” says parade organizer Chris McNeil says.

McNeil already has a permit from the city, and the parade, which started out as a joke on Twitter, is scheduled for Saturday. He’s got 25 floats lined up and says he has Excedrin as a sponsor.

It’s all pretty amusing, unless you’re the Browns.

Cleveland Browns Head Coach, Hue Jackson, “I get it I know about the parades and everything that’s going to be said,” said Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson.

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