Is Kirby Smart Supposed to Say Alabama is Unbeatable?

Is Kirby Smart Supposed to Say Alabama is Unbeatable?


Is Kirby Smart Supposed to Say Alabama is Unbeatable?

Georgia coach Kirby Smart made a comment that will inevitably turn into bulletin board material for Alabama in advance of Monday’s national championship game.

“Alabama is not as unbeatable as they’ve been,” he said.

Asked a follow-up question about his perspective of Alabama, and where Alabama might be vulnerable, Smart clarified his statement and said, “I don’t know that they are vulnerable. I think everyone else has gotten better. I don’t think it’s like Alabama has come down to anybody’s level. I think the league is trying to catch up with them.”

Smart’s quote is the kind that gets fed into the Take Machine 3000 and used to create a spicy end product. He’s disrespecting the Tide! He’s talking trash! He’s overconfident!

In reality, no one understands where Alabama is and where it has been more than Smart, who served as Nick Saban’s defensive coordinator from 2008-2015. Smart’s clarification shows that he believes a rising tide has lifted other programs near the high-water mark set in Tuscaloosa.

Also, it would be pretty weird if Georgia’s coach was out there telling the media that his side was about to face an unbeatable foe. That’s not exactly the best way to instill confidence in an underdog.

Anyway, I greatly look forward to Smart’s innocuous comments becoming a storyline and blown out of proportion. And, hey, with ratings forecast to be low, any intrigue helps.