Jaylen Brown: Donald Trump Is Unfit To Lead

Jaylen Brown: Donald Trump Is Unfit To Lead


Jaylen Brown: Donald Trump Is Unfit To Lead

Jaylen Brown would be wise to turn off Twitter notifications on his phone. The Boston Celtics forward called out President Donald Trump in an interview with The Guardian, which published Tuesday.

“I just think Trump’s character and some of his values makes him unfit to lead,” Brown told the Guardian. “For someone like him to be president, and in charge of our troops? It’s scary to be honest.”

The best example? Brown referenced President Trump’s handling of the LiAngelo Ball situation. Trump helped get Ball and two other UCLA student-athletes out of Chinese prison after they got caught shoplifting.

LaVar Ball, LiAngelo’s father, sparred with Trump on social media over the president’s involvement in the process. The situation escalated into a circus, covered heavily by sports and political news outlets.

“He demanded a thank you,” Brown told the Guardian, referring to the “thank you” the president asked of the three UCLA students. “It’s ridiculous. What happened to people doing things out of the generosity of their heart or because it was the right thing to do? There have been multiple situations where it’s been ridiculous but that one was like: ‘OK I’m done. I’m done listening to anything you have to say.’ A 19-year-old kid makes a mistake overseas and [Trump] demands an apology from his dad? I think Trump’s unfit to lead.”

But that’s not where Brown’s criticism of Trump stopped. He touched on the president while discussing racism.

“Some people think racism has dissipated or no longer exists,” Brown said. “But it’s hidden in more strategic places. You have less people coming to your face and telling you certain things. But Trump has made it a lot more acceptable for racists to speak their minds.”

Brown, who is touted for his intellect on and off the basketball court, has shown maturity beyond his years since joining the NBA in the 2016 draft.

He seems well-equipped in the event of a verbal bout with the president.

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