Cian Fahey Out at ESPN After 'Ignorant' Behavior at Bar

Cian Fahey Out at ESPN After 'Ignorant' Behavior at Bar


Cian Fahey Out at ESPN After 'Ignorant' Behavior at Bar


Cian Fahey, who had an NFL podcast for ESPN and was also a regular guest on Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones’ radio shows, announced on Twitter today that he resigned from the company and provided the following statement:

So let me explain what [Le Batard Show producer] Mike [Ryan] referred to on Radio today. The short story is “I fucked up.” The longer story is “I definitely fucked up.” But for transparency. I drank too much at a bar and treated American strangers like I would my Irish friends. They, rightfully, received that in a way it wasn’t intended. I was ignorant.

I immediately offered to resign. Letting the people involved down is the worst part of this. I love everyone there. Every single one of them stands for what’s right in the world and I applaud them for calling me out when I was wrong. I’ll learn from this but for now I deserve all the criticism that comes my way.

We have reached out to ESPN for comment. If you know any more specifics about what happened, please reach out.

[UPDATE: An ESPN spokesperson confirms that Cian Fahey no longer has a part-time role with the network, and declines further comment.]

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