Jon Gruden Was Right About Case Keenum

Jon Gruden Was Right About Case Keenum


Jon Gruden Was Right About Case Keenum

Five years ago when he was enthralling viewers with his Quarterback Camp series, Jon Gruden spoke with young, largely unknown QB named Case Keenum. Gruden seemed to really like the former Houston star, “just be ready because you’ll get your chance.”

In the video, Gruden is asking him to name the first three picks in the draft just two years before, and Keenum could not. Eleven QBs were drafted in 2012; Keenum was not one of them.

After two stints in Houston, and in St. Louis/Los Angeles, Keenum has found himself a home in Minnesota.

He has gone on to lead the Vikings to the second seed in the NFC and made the throw of the decade just this past Sunday to advance to the NFC Championship Game against the Eagles.

It is safe to say, the Jets, Giants, Cardinals, Browns, Bengals, Jaguars, Bills, Broncos, and Dolphins are all making Gruden look like a prophet.

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