Coach's Son Hires Coach's Son

Coach's Son Hires Coach's Son


Coach's Son Hires Coach's Son

Lane Kiffin’s first year at Florida Atlantic was a smashing success. He and the university have agreed to a long-term deal, though if you believe he’ll be there until the end of it, I have some nearby swampland to sell you.

Kiffin, a spry 42 himself, is apparently going full-YOLO now as he brings in 24-year-old Charlie Weis Jr. as offensive coordinator. Kiffin, son of legendary defensive mind Monte, obviously has a lot in common with the son of Charlie. The two worked together briefly last year before Weis, a tight ends coach, left to take a job with the Atlanta Falcons.

Weis becomes the youngest coordinator in the FBS.

The Owls will now turn their attention to recruiting only offspring of high school football coaches so we can have a legitimate coach’s son Fabergé egg situation going on.

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