Josh Allen Has the Biggest, Beefiest Quarterback Paw

Josh Allen Has the Biggest, Beefiest Quarterback Paw


Josh Allen Has the Biggest, Beefiest Quarterback Paw

Oh heck yes, it’s now officially the best time of the year: Quarterback Hand Size Season. Our nation’s top passers are putting their paws on the table and having them weighed and measured, like some sort of prized catch. This information is then used as proof of well … something … by serious draft experts.

Because you’ve been waiting for 12 months on bated breath, here is the first round of hand size numbers, tabulated at the Senior Bowl.

Look at that thick, robust hand Josh Allen is walking around with. Guy could probably balance a large pizza on his fingertips and walk it to the table furthest from the kitchen. Maybe Mel Kiper is onto something by having him as the top overall pick.

Meanwhile, look at that troubling little appendage Mason Rudolph has to bear. Probably walks around campus with his hands in his pockets at all times. At least he had the courage to get there early and submit to the poking and prodding — unlike Baker Mayfield, who we can only assume is soaking his mitt in warm water until the moment of truth.

Just as a reminder: Jared Goff has 9-inch hands, and it’s been working out pretty well for him so far. Still, we simply cannot wait until the underclassmen have their day on the table. There could be a freakishly large or small hand out there just waiting to be discovered.

So damn exciting.


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