5 Best Prop Bets for the Super Bowl

5 Best Prop Bets for the Super Bowl


5 Best Prop Bets for the Super Bowl


Super Bowl LII week is here, so you know what time it is!  I’m still putting together my gambling preview for the game, but I wanted to dish out my favorite prop bets to get our betting juices flowing in the meantime.

The Super Bowl itself is the peak game to bet on for most sports bettors. Everyone from the Pros to the Joes will be betting on the game and total. Most books also have over 900 prop bets that you can wager on, with the most popular ones usually being the National Anthem length, the coin toss (heads or tails), and the winning team’s Gatorade color.

To help you guys out, I spent some time going through all of the different props that were offered, and these are my five best prop bets:

How long will it take Pink to sing the National Anthem?

Over 120 seconds (-180)

Under 120 seconds (+140)

With Pink set to sing the National Anthem this year, the line has been put out at exactly 2 minutes.  I tried finding another instance of her singing the National Anthem to research, but could not dig up anything at all. Betting the over on the National Anthem length is definitely a fun prop to be on at most Super Bowl parties.  Most casual bettors will also be on the over this year because they know that the last 4 out of 5 anthems have gone over. So we are going to see some recency bias with casual bettors in this one.

After digging a little deeper, I found that the average length of the last 12 National Anthems (even with the recent ones going over) has been 1:58. Being the contrarian that I am, and the fact that I will be getting + money if the anthem stays under, I will be taking the under 2:00 (+140) in this one.

Will Pink wear a Philadelphia Eagles shirt or hat while singing the National Anthem?

Yes (+170)

No (-250)

While doing my research, I found out that Pink is an Eagles fan.  Pink grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and also attended Central Bucks High School West, which is not too far from the Linc.  Pink also tweeted the following:

As you can see from her tweet above, she is hyped that her Eagles are in the Super Bowl. With her being an Eagles fan and a hometown kid, she has to rock some Eagles gear right? I love the + money if this hits, so I will be on the yes for +170.

First quarter point total 9.5

Over 9.5 (-130)

Under 9.5 (-Even)

I know it is hard to imagine these teams not scoring a touchdown in the first quarter, but check out some of this history from past Super Bowls.  11 of the last 16 games have produced fewer than nine points in the first quarter.  In the last seven New England Patriots Super Bowls, only 15 total points have been scored in the first quarter between both teams, which is an average of only 2.1 points per first quarter.  The Patriots as a team have not scored in the first quarter of their last six Super Bowls.

I’ve noticed in the past, that coaches are usually a little more conservative early on in these big games. I also think the Eagles players might be a little tight early on in this one, as this will be many of their first times playing in a Super Bowl. I see a slow start with a couple of FG’s for both teams, that should put them under the 9.5 first quarter total.

Will the game go into overtime?

Yes (+600)

No (-800)

The Falcons and Patriots played the first overtime game in Super Bowl history last year. It truly is hard to believe that no Super Bowl game has ever gone to overtime until last year, but when something happens for the first time in 51 years, it’s really hard to imagine it happening again the following season.  If you have a nice bankroll and can risk the heavy juice, this is as close to a “lock” as you can get just from the percentages standpoint.  The juice is also a little less this year because of last year’s result, so that helps as well.

How many times will word “Dilly” be said during broadcast?

Over 12.5 (-115)

Under 12.5 (-115)

Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” commercials have been killing it lately, so of course you can bet on the number of times we will hear those exact words during the broadcast. If you have seen the commercials, you know that every “dilly” is followed by a “dilly”, and anytime one person says “dilly dilly”, everyone in the ad follows that up with their own “dilly dilly”. With this being the Super Bowl, we know Bud Light will do it big in their commercials, couple that with the broadcasters referencing “dilly dilly” a few times during the game, and we should get our over easily.

Good luck with all of these prop bets, and stay tuned for my preview of the big game coming later this week.

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