Is LeBron James Preparing Cleveland For His Exit?

Is LeBron James Preparing Cleveland For His Exit?


Is LeBron James Preparing Cleveland For His Exit?


LeBron James weighed in on the Blake Griffin trade on Tuesday, and in the process may have hinted at his future with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here’s what he had to say about the Clippers sending Griffin to Detroit:

“He signed a multi-year deal there this summer, so that’s unfortunate. But that’s the business side of it. It’s both sides. It works both sides, though. It’s the business.”

He continued:

“When a player gets traded, it’s (the team) was doing what’s best for the franchise. But when a player decides to leave, it’s, ‘He’s not loyal. He’s a snake. He’s not committed.’ It’s just that’s the narrative of how it goes. So I’m definitely (aware). I know that firsthand.”

LeBron has left both Cleveland and Miami for greener pastures and been blasted publicly both times. His statement on Griffin and the difference in the way teams and players are treated is important. Most believe James will be leaving the Cavs this summer. It’s not out of the question that he’s paving the way for that exit.

It’s fairly obvious he’s trying to excuse players for leaving teams. James has long tried to control the media narrative of his career and he’ll certainly try to do this same with whatever happens this offseason.

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