NFL Super Bowl Gambling Breakdown: Big Money on the Eagles

NFL Super Bowl Gambling Breakdown: Big Money on the Eagles


NFL Super Bowl Gambling Breakdown: Big Money on the Eagles

After a fun and long season, we have finally arrived to the big show. Super Bowl 52 is here, and the Philadelphia Eagles will get a chance to dethrone the defending Champions, the New England Patriots.

Coming into this game, the biggest injury concern was obviously Rob Gronkowski and his concussion for the Patriots.  As of today, everything is pointing towards Gronk playing.  And as you can see from the video below, Gronk has been getting his reps in:

Gronk himself also said that he is playing on Sunday:



Depending on what book you use, the line opened up at Patriots – 5.5/ 6 in most places.  Ever since that line was posted for the Super Bowl, the Pros and the Joes have been pounding the Eagles.

Here are some examples of the Pros on the Eagles:

And if you guys remember the famous Let-It-Ride bettor from the MLB playoffs, he is back, and even he is on the Eagles in this one:

As you can see from the tweets above, the Pros/ Sharps/ Wiseguys, whatever you want to call them, are not messing around.  They felt like this line was inflated, and they loved the Eagles catching that many points.  That number has now been bet down to Patriots -4 in most books, and that is where I think it will stay until game time unless sharps come in the other way for a middle opportunity.


I usually love betting dogs, but in this case, the Eagles have become too much of a trendy dog for my liking. Every single person that I have talked to, whether it be friends, family, or listened to on a podcast/ radio station, is on the Eagles. All everyone remembers right now is the Eagles pounding the Vikings two weeks ago (recency bias).  Usually when everyone is on one side, I like to go the opposite way. I am a contrarian, so that is what I have always done anyways.

I also love that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have had two weeks to prepare for the Eagles. They will do a much better job at limiting Nick Foles and taking away his zone reads.

I’ve been burned in several spots this year betting against the Patriots, so I’ve learned my lesson.  Brady and Hoody will be in their usual F you mode, and with Gronk back, and everyone loving the Eagles, I am going with the Patriots -4.  This will be either a Patriots waxing, or a Eagles win straight up, so I am ok laying the 4 points.  This game should be a great one either way, so good luck with whatever side you are on.

Thanks for reading, and @ me on Twitter @docksquad33 and let me know who you guys are taking.  As I like to say with all of my bets, hope it hits foo!

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