Philadelphia is Getting Pretty Cocky

Philadelphia is Getting Pretty Cocky


Philadelphia is Getting Pretty Cocky

The Philadelphia Eagles are 4 or 4.5-point underdogs in the Super Bowl, depending on your book. They are facing five-time champions Tom Brady and Bill Belichickand the dynastic New England Patriots. And yet, they seem to be the fanbase getting the puffier chest and bigger britches.

Here’s the Sixers putting on a fake Brady-mascot stunt last night.

And here’s a mural depicting a gigantic eagle grasping a Patriots player in its talons.

Hmm. There’s a fine line between healthy confidence and misplaced cockiness. I’d posit Philadelphia is flirting with that line.

One thing’s for sure: whichever group of fans ends up victorious on Sunday night, they are going to be insufferable. This is an elite, perhaps never-before-seen matchup of skilled trash-talking supporters.


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