The Five Best Eagles "Fans" on Social Media After Super Bowl Win

The Five Best Eagles "Fans" on Social Media After Super Bowl Win

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The Five Best Eagles "Fans" on Social Media After Super Bowl Win


Philadelphia is celebrating their first Super Bowl win ever. The city’s response has not disappointed. Here are some of our favorite things from the Super Bowl and aftermath, by longtime Eagles fans and those that adopted the team suddenly last night, for, ahem, other reasons.


Look, this guy is #1 with a bullet. He looked at “guy who ran into column” and scoffed in his general direction. If your response to your team winning a Super Bowl is to ingest horse manure off a street while wearing a Randall Cunningham jersey, then you are a braver man than the rest of us.

I just hope you weren’t the one to wake up next to this guy this morning.


Joel Embiid is amazing. He took to the streets after the game and ended up on a local TV interview. His timing and focus are impeccable. He was about to deliver a “Trust the Process” when he got blocked by the reporter, and he calmly answered the question and then returned to drop his line.


Romantic, or most romantic thing ever? This couple is destined for a long and happy life after he dropped to one knee in a street while she was holding a bottle of liquor.


Look, Ann may not be a lifelong Eagles fan, and she may not actually know what she’s talking about with players, but by the end of the game, she was fully on board the Nick Foles train. (No one tell her about the owner).



Sometimes, understated is best. Bridget Moynahan, who has a 10-year-old child with Tom Brady, just happened to be admiring Nick Foles last night.

She later retweeted Nick Foles celebrating after the win and an Onion article satirically saying that the confetti was made of shredded concussion studies. Moynahan was just enjoying Brady letting someone else win.



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