Could Rob Gronkowski Leave the Patriots for Hollywood?

Could Rob Gronkowski Leave the Patriots for Hollywood?


Could Rob Gronkowski Leave the Patriots for Hollywood?

After the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowki was asked about retirement rumors that were floating around out there:

As you can see from the video, Gronk says he is going to look into his future, but does not deny the retirement rumor itself.  That being said, it is tough to get drilled with those kinds of questions right after you have poured your heart and soul into a season, and literally just lost the Super Bowl. You can see that Gronk was not prepared for those kinds of questions, but in my opinion, nothing he said was too crazy. All Gronk is saying is that he is going to take some time to reflect on the season and to think about his future.  That seems fair to me either way.

But fans are fans, and since Sunday, Patriots fans have definitely been feeling uneasy about Gronk’s statement.  And now there is a new rumor about Gronk retiring that might really push them over the edge.  This morning a new report came out saying that Gronk may be considering leaving the NFL for a film career.

In that report, it states that Gronk has been told by two Hollywood superstars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Sylvester Stallone, that he could make millions of dollars in action films.

It also says that Gronkowski has told friends that the injuries have taken a toll on him.

If you think about it, Hollywood does seems like the perfect landing spot for Gronk, as Gronk has already started to dabble in that realm with his comedy special on Showtime called Unsportsmanlike Comedy. And can you imagine how much money a movie starring both the Rock and Gronk would make?! Thanks to Gronk’s larger than life personality, there is no doubt in my mind that he would become a box office star.

I love watching Gronk dominate people on the field, but at the end of the day, and especially after all those injuries, he has to do what is best for his health and his future.  Let’s see how this one plays out, but good luck to Gronk with whatever he decides to do next.

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