Patrick Beverley is "Convinced" Will Cain Doesn't Know Basketball [UPDATE]

Patrick Beverley is "Convinced" Will Cain Doesn't Know Basketball [UPDATE]


Patrick Beverley is "Convinced" Will Cain Doesn't Know Basketball [UPDATE]

Will Cain went on First Take earlier today and sent out a warning to those who are now proclaiming the Cleveland Cavaliers are now locks to win the East after just two games with their new squad.

“This is mile one of a 26-mile marathon here … This is insanity. This a way-way an overreaction … What we are seeing isn’t real .. Let’s pump the breaks. Let’s see after reality sits in.”

Well, apparently Clippers PG Patrick Beverley isn’t fond of Cain talking basketball tweeting to the show’s de facto leader Stephen A. Smith:

Cain tweeted back he respected Beverley’s game but wasn’t backing down:

Beverley appears to be upset that Cain was using stats not “true human facts”:

He then specified his criteria:

Cain then asked him to come defend his position on his radio show later today, but at this point, it might be a long shot since he has a game at Boston tonight, but we can all hope:

Cain – the 5th most likely to be the face of ESPN in five years – is actually correct here, it has only been two games, how can we just say the Cavs are a lock? Should they be the favorites? Maybe, but a lock, no.

We have all seen LeBron James’ teams go up and down before, just because things are promising right now, does not mean this team will not face its own obstacles at some point.

Update: Patrick Beverley decided to join the The Will Cain Show to discuss their Twitter spat.

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