VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Still Really Hates Texas

VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Still Really Hates Texas


VIDEO: Baker Mayfield Still Really Hates Texas

Baker Mayfield understands he must say and do all the “right” things as the NFL Draft nears in order to ensure the biggest payday. But some things are more important than draft stock and avoiding pesky questions about attitude.

Like hating one’s rival. For the former Oklahoma star, that’s Texas. And he’s going to keep messing with ’em. During a return visit to Norman to see his basketball team play the Longhorns over the weekend, Mayfield told everyone how he really feels.

“You come to Oklahoma to beat Texas,” he said. “I was born and raised in Austin. They didn’t recruit me. I grew up 15 miles from their campus. I can’t stand them. Anything they do, I don’t care. I talked to the NFL guys and they said I need to calm it down a little bit, but when it comes to Texas, absolutely not. No. End of story.”

Spin zone here: Mayfield’s passion for a good rivalry should make him appealing to the New York Giants, who have three good ones within the NFC East. And probably less so to the Browns, whose archnemesis at this point is winning.

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